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          Southern Bloodline™ started with 3 broke college baseball players from Arkansas. Their names were Kyle Alexander, JD Speed, and Ty Owens. One night in December 2016 they were sitting in their dorm room and decided to make their own hat. They picked the name Southern Bloodline™ and designed the original logo with the state of Arkansas and its rivers red like blood. The rivers are red to signify southern roots and that southern traditions runs deep inside our veins, much like the rivers that flow across our beautiful country side. 

          As soon as they started wearing the hats everyone wanted one. They threw together some money to get just 40 hats made. All 40 were sold before they could even get them made. Their dorm room became the operation center with hats and boxes everywhere.  The Southern Bloodline™ business was born and what a success it has been.  Southern Bloodline™ hats have been spotted from Hawaii to New York and all the great states in between. 

         All 3 founders have graduated and started their careers.  The experience of making a brand, trademarking a name, winning a national business award and running a business all while going to school and playing baseball is one they will never forget.  They loved every minute of it and have truly felt blessed from everyone’s support.

          With their new careers and JD and Kyle both getting married, it became necessary to make the decision to sell the company.  Luckily their desire to keep it in the family worked out.  A family member of Ty’s purchased the company with Ty and his siblings at the helm. 

          We look forward to continue building on the legacy of Southern Bloodline™ Apparel.  In the words of Kyle, JD, and Ty….Join The Family and Wear it Proud!

Southern Bloodline Apparel, LLC

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