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          So here is the whole story. At first, we were hesitant to come out with all the details about our beginning. We were afraid that our brand would be overlooked and not taken seriously. But now that we have made a little noise and expanded the name, we want you guys to know how we got to where we are now. We, Southern Bloodline™, are just 3 broke college baseball players from Arkansas. Our names are Kyle Alexander, JD Speed, and Ty Owens. JD and Kyle are Senior business majors and Ty is a Senior biology major.

          Enough about us, lets get to the hats. We love hats, but they’re too expensive. One night last December (2016) we were sitting around in our dorm room and we decided we wanted to make our own hat to save money. We picked the name Southern Bloodline™ and thought up our original logo with the state of Arkansas with the rivers red like blood. It’s more than just red rivers though. The rivers are red to signify our southern roots. This hard working, “yes ma’am, no ma’am” lifestyle we live and our southern tradition runs deep inside our veins, much like the rivers that flow across our beautiful country side. It really is a part of who we are.

          JD had two blank hats which became the first ever Southern Bloodline™ hats (which we still wear today). As soon as we started wearing them people started wanting them. Turning this into a business was a complete accident, but you guys liked the brand and what we stood for so we had to make more. We threw together some money to get just 40 hats made. All 40 were sold before we could even get them made. You guys have loved it, and we have too. Now, we still live in our dorm, the only difference is the hundreds of hats and boxes everywhere! It has been a huge blessing to us and we love getting to build this brand with y’all.

          We started this brand on the idea of saving money. We just wanted a quality hat and we refused to pay the unreasonable prices that so many companies charge. That being said, no matter where this thing goes, we promise to always hold on to that and provide a fair price for y’all. If you have already bought some Southern Bloodline™ gear, we hope that our hand written “thank you” card showed how much we appreciate you. If you have not, we invite you to order now and join The Family.

Wear it proud,

          ​Kyle Alexander

          JD Speed

           Ty Owens

          Southern Bloodline Apparel, LLC